NEWS JUNE 21,2020

NEWS JUNE 21,2020


PRAYER LIST: Please lift up the following: Jay and Beverly Marek, Martha Smith, Lynn Ake, Tammi Pinter, Sandra Newberry, Rebecca Albers, Ethel Willmann, Gretchen Qualls, Karen Eckert (daughter-in-law of Pastor Charles Eckert), Steve Norris (friend of Jenna Jacoby), Roger Hanz (brother of Nancy Brown), Pam & Chris Marquart, Vera Marin, Nettie Geistweidt (Joe D. Geistweidt’s wife), Samuel & Griselda Martinez, COVID-19 Pandemic, and those serving in the military.

ALTAR FLOWERS are placed in memory of Lilly Joy by her parents Merlina and Steve Gamel.

THE FLOWERS ON THE REGISTRATION TABLE are placed in memory and honor of all Fathers on this special day.

BAPTISM: This morning we welcome Kenna Rae Geistweidt into the Holy Christian Church through the Sacrament of Baptism.
Parents: Hunter & Koda Geistweidt
Sponsors: Zachary & Donna Langehennig

LET’S SHARE THE GIFT OF SPECIAL MUSIC with one another! Please submit your favorite hymn selection to be sung during the worship services in July and August to Dreu Bearden at 325-347-5110 or email the title to the church office at This is a wonderful opportunity to sing a special hymn you enjoy with fellow members!

COME AND SUPPORT THE YOUTH! A barbecue fundraiser will be held after church on June 28. Either dine in the Fellowship Hall or to-go plates will be available. Please pre-order using the sign-up sheet in the narthex or call the church office by June 25. Donations will be accepted.