NEWS APRIL 12, 2020 and Links to Services

NEWS APRIL 12, 2020 and Links to Services

The schedule for Sunday is as follows:

Worship (Setting 10)  10:40 AM (Join us for livestreaming at or  -Bulletins are available in the narthex.

The schedule for Thursday and Friday is as follows: 

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Worship- 7:00 P.M. (livestreamed at or



PRAYER LIST: Please lift up the following: Martha Smith, Lynn Ake, Beverly Marek, Freddie Matetzschk, Tammi Pinter, Gigi Duarte, Sandra Newberry, Annabelle Herrington, Rebecca Albers, Ethel Willmann, Tommy Starks, Billy Todd’s family (in the sudden loss of his dad Michael), Karen Eckert (daughter-in-law of Pastor Charles Eckert), Steve Norris (friend of Jenna Jacoby), Kirsten (Krebs) Mangan, Roger Hanz (brother of Nancy Brown), Pam & Chris Marquart, Wylie Evans (uncle of Gary Evans), Vera Marin, Junior Wingo (relative of Lynda Harris), Coronavirus Pandemic, and those serving in the military.

WE THANK THOSE WHO DONATED EASTER LILIES TODAY. We have kept the number of lilies very low because of the need to worship via livestream rather than in the sanctuary.

Lilies are given:

In memory of loved ones

By Tommy Starks.

In memory of our grandparents- Examples for our lives!

By Jerry & Dreu Bearden/Mark & Chel Terrell Family

In memory of Tom & Edith Bogusch

By their family

In memory of Ross Clayton Lehmberg, Roy & Jean Lehmberg, and Homer & Myrtle Geistweidt. In honor of our children & grandchildren. By Mark & Judy Lehmberg.

CONTRIBUTIONS NEEDED for the Ministerial Alliance (various needs) and the Mason Food Pantry. Contributions to MMA can be directly submitted to MMA by mail at MMA, Box 690, Mason, or can be delivered directly to our MMA Treasurer, Tim Fahrenthold. Using the new curbside delivery process, 85 cars were served for more than 125 families.  As a result, many of the Food Bank shelves are empty. Our Lutheran Men are providing money for 100 boxes of oatmeal from Lowe’s. If you can help, Mason Ministerial Alliance will especially appreciate your donation of money (gives us the greatest flexibility in purchasing food).Thank you for supporting your hometown friends and family.  God bless!

The next distribution date is April 13 at 2:30, contact Nanci at 210-240-4299 if you are interested in filling any volunteer vacancies.

CARING CALLERS: We need volunteers to call and check in on the needs of our homebound members and possibly other isolated members of our Mason community: groceries, another human voice, or any emergencies. If you are willing to help, please call our church office at (325) 347-5582.

“CHRIST IN OUR HOME” devotionals for April, May and June have been placed at each of the exits. Please pick up your copy today! You may call the office if you would like a copy sent to your address.

NEWSLETTERS are available in the narthex. Call the office if you would like a copy sent to your address.