NEWS MARCH 22, 2020 and Links to Live Service

NEWS MARCH 22, 2020 and Links to Live Service

For Sunday’s live service, click one of the following links:

St. Paul’s website...

Or our Facebook page…



PRAYER LIST: Please lift up the following: Martha Smith, Lynn Ake, Beverly Marek, Freddie Matetzschk, Tammi Pinter, Gigi Duarte, Sandra Newberry, Annabelle Herrington, Rebecca Albers, Ethel Willmann, Cason Jacoby, Karen Eckert (daughter-in-law of Pastor Charles Eckert), Steve Norris (friend of Jenna Jacoby), Kirsten (Krebs) Mangan, Roger Hanz (brother of Nancy Brown), Pam & Chris Marquart, Coronavirus Pandemic, and those serving in the military.

EASTER LILIES: Because of current Coronavirus uncertainty about whether we will celebrate the Easter Service outside, in the church, or by other means, Altar Guild will decorate the church and will purchase just a few lilies. Those requests for lilies from last Sunday will be honored. If you still wish to order lilies, please communicate with Heather: 325-347-5582.

“CHRIST IN OUR HOME” devotionals for April, May and June have been placed at each of the exits. Please pick up your copy today! You may call the office if you would like a copy sent to your address. 

CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER: Please let the church office know if there has been any changes to your address or phone number.