NEWS Mar. 08, 2020

NEWS Mar. 08, 2020


PRAYER LIST: Please lift up the following: Martha Smith, Lynn Ake, Beverly Marek, Freddie Matetzschk, Tammi Pinter, Gigi Duarte, Sandra Newberry, Annabelle Herrington, Rebecca Albers, Ethel Willmann, Karen Eckert (daughter-in-law of Pastor Charles Eckert), Steve Norris (friend of Jenna Jacoby), Kirsten (Krebs) Mangan, Roger Hanz (brother of Nancy Brown), and those serving in the military.

THE NOISY BUCKET OFFERING received this morning during the singing of the sending song benefits a wide range of youth projects and activities. Thank you for your continued support.

COUNCIL MEMBERS, please pick up your packets in the Office kitchen.

NEXT SUNDAY envelopes will be inserted into the Sunday bulletin to order Easter lilies. Cost per plant will be $10.00. Deadline for orders will be Thursday, March 26.