PRAYER LIST: Please lift up the following people in your prayers:  Martha Smith, Lynn Ake, Lou Etta Probst, Awbrey Kothmann, Beverly Marek, Margaret Mason, Clemie Greenburg, Dan Jacoby Jr., Tammi Pinter, Betty Morris (mother of Anissa Habecker), James Lyon (friend of Nancy Brown), and those serving in the military.

Our Christian sympathy to the family of Mary Louise (Mimi) Beidler Kerr, grandmother of Rachel Wardlaw Schmidt, who passed away on April 2 in Del Rio.  Please keep Rachel and her family in your prayers.

PASTOR FRED AND KATHY will be away in Lima, Peru, April 5-12, visiting Peruvian sisters and brothers in Christ who they served in global mission in 1985-1987.  Pastor will be speaking and participating in a 50th anniversary service for Filaldelfia Lutheran Church.  If you need pastoral assistance during this time, you may contact Chad Schmidt at (830)879-5433 or Debbie Nebgen at 347-2696.

EASTER LILIES will again be used to decorate the church sanctuary.   Order envelopes have been placed in today’s bulletin.  Please fill out the information on the envelope, place your payment inside and drop it in the marked box in the narthex.  Cost per plant is $9.00 and checks may be made out to St. Paul Lutheran Church. Deadline for orders is Wednesday, April 10th.

WOMEN’S YEARBOOKS FOR 2019 have been placed on the table in the narthex.  Thanks to Carolyn Loeffler for her help in getting the yearbook ready for publishing.  We invite you to pick up your copy today.