PRAYER LIST: Please lift up the following people in your prayers:  Martha Smith, Lynn Ake, Lou Etta Probst, Riley Yonker, Linda Doyal, Margaret Mason, Clemie Greenburg, Dan Jacoby Jr., Tammi Pinter, Betty Morris (mother of Anissa Habecker), and those serving in the military.

JAZZ SUNDAY is an inspiring and professional Christian band lead by university music professor Richard Birk, son of Pastor Ron and Alberta Birk.  Most musicians in the band live near Lake Jackson, east of Houston.  St. Paul has contracted with Jazz Sunday to provide all our worship music on Sunday, March 31.  Pastor Ron Birk will preach the sermon.  Pastor Fred will lead worship and give the children’s sermon.  The psalmist proclaims, “Let everything that breathes praise the LORD!” (Psalm 150: 6)  Let’s all come and raise our voices in praise together with this unique band on Jazz Sunday, March 31! 

NEXT SUNDAY envelopes will be inserted into the Sunday bulletin to order Easter lilies.  Cost per plant will be $9.00.  Deadline for orders will be Wednesday, April 10.

VISITOR BAGS are available at the exits for visitors.  This is a gift from members to show our appreciation for your visit.  Please come again!

“CHRIST IN OUR HOME” devotionals for April, May and June have been placed at each of the exits.  Please pick up your copy today!