PRAYER LIST: Please lift up the following people in your prayers:  Martha Smith, Lynn Ake, Lou Etta Probst, Minnie Schmidt, Margaret Mason, Linda Doyal, Richard Lindley, Clemie Greenburg, Dan Jacoby Jr., Melody Kimbrel, Sally Lane, Beverly Russell, Tammy Pintor, Myrtle Hassell, the family of Allyne Jordan (Sheri Jordan’s mother-in-law), and those serving in the military.

COUNCIL MEMBERS, please pick up your packets in the Office Building kitchen.

ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING will be held on Sunday, January 27th immediately following the covered dish luncheon at 12 noon.


         Mon.    Zumba Exercise Class                                   5:00 P.M.

Congregation Council                                       5:15 P.M.

Tue.     Men’s Fellowship Breakfast                        6:30 A.M.

CASA Quilting                                                    9:00 A.M.

Women’s Bible Study                                     5:00 P.M.

“Proclaimer” articles are due

Wed.    Ministerial Alliance                                       10:45 A.M.

Jr. Lutherans & Confirmands                       5:00 P.M.

Youth Group (TBA)

Sat.      Thrift Shop-                                                     9-11 A.M.

Gretchen Qualls & Helen Habecker

Sun.     Sunday School                                                 9:30 A.M.

Communion Worship (Gospel)                   10:45 A.M.